Faith Path Overview

We believe God designed the home as the primary place for faith to be nurtured and for a child to grow spiritually. In other words, God gave parents the privilege of nurturing faith in the next generation. That is why the Faith Path was created, as a step-by-step plan to help you be intentional as you prepare for key faith milestones and foster spiritual disciplines in your child’s faith journey.

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Faith Path Journey Salvation & Baptism Parent Dedication Blessing Family Time Prepare To Lead Your Child To Christ Prayer Bible Worship Giving & Serving Preparing for Adolescence Purity Rite of Passage Launch

Faith Path Steps

The Faith Path suggests a focus of specific practices and milestones at certain ages. However, you know your child best and can determine the most appropriate time to emphasize each step.

Parent Dedication

Recommended Focus:

Birth - 2 years


Recommended Focus:

Ages 3+

Family Time

Recommended Focus:

Ages 4+

Prepare to Lead Your Child To Christ

Recommended Focus:

Kit provided at Age 5+


Recommended Focus:

Ages 6+


Recommended Focus:

Ages 7+


Recommended Focus:

Ages 8+

Giving & Serving

Recommended Focus:

Ages 9+

Preparing For Adolescence

Recommended Focus:

Ages 11+


Recommended Focus:

Ages 13+

Rite Of Passage

Recommended Focus:

Ages 16+


Recommended Focus:

Ages 18+

Faith Decision: Salvation & Baptism

The river running along the path is there for your child when they are ready and have made the decision to profess the name of Jesus and be baptized.

Salvation & Baptism

Age Will Vary

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